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(A typical 6-day course outline.)

Day One - Distillation
Review of Distillation Fundamentals
Tray Hydraulics
Identifying Flooded Towers & Incipient Flood
Effect of Reducing Pressure
Damaged Trays
Tray Deck Plugging & Downcomer Back-up
Tower Bottoms Level Control
Tower External Temperature Surveys
Day Two - Distillation
Crude Column Fractionation
Optimizing Pumparounds
Tower Draw-off Nozzle Hydraulics
Tower Pressure Drop Surveys
Coker Fractionator Problems
Side Stream Steam Stripping Problems
Tower Bottoms Steam Stripping

FCU Fractionator Problems

Day Three - Reboiling & Condensing, and Packed Towers
Thermosyphon Reboilers
How Reboiler Problems Cause Tower Flooding
Kettle Reboilers
Fouling in Shell and Tube Exchangers
Feed Preheat versus Reboiler (& Problems with Leaking Feed Preaheater)
Blowing the Reboiler Condensate Seal
Pressure Control in Light Ends Columns
Condensate Collection and De-aerator Operation
Packed Tower Design & Operation
Day Four - Fired Heaters
Proper Use of Excess Air
Heat Balancing Convective and Radiant Sections
Draft Control
Afterburn - Causes and Cures
Air Preheaters
Maintaining Stack Temperature and Preventing SO3 Condensation
Proper Use of Snuffing Steam
Stuttering Feed Interruption and Coke Formation Inside Tubes
Debottlenecking Heaters
Day Five - Condensers, Steam Jets and Vacuum Systems
Problems with Hot Vapor By-Pass Control
Effect of Sub-Cooling on Condenser Efficiency
Pressure Control in Light Ends Columns
Flooded Condenser Pressure Control versus Hot Vapor By-Pass Control
Problems with Condensers in Parallel of Un-equal Sized, or Unsymmetrical Pipework
Air Fin-fan Coolers, Forced Draft
Converging - Diverging Steam Jets
Surface Condensers as Inter-Stage Condensers between each Stage of Jets
Optimizing Steam Jet Performance
Vacuum Distillation Tower Operation and Design
Day Six - Turbines, Pumps and Compressors
Steam Turbine - Use of Hand Valves on Steam Chest/ Efficient Speed Control
Use of the Mollier Diagram for Analysis of Converging or Diverging Nozzles
Proper Use of Speed Control and Over-speed Trip on Steam Turbine
Centrifugal Pump - Mechanical Seals & Bearings
Operation of Centrifugal Pumps
Selecting Proper Impeller Size, Sizing Motor Driver, and Variable Speed Motor Drives
Calculating, Troubleshooting & Providing enough Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
Centrifugal Compressor Fundamentals
Rotor Fouling & Measuring Compressor Efficiency
Relationship of Polytropic Head to Surge
Reciprocating Compressor Fundamentals
Volumetric Compressor Efficiency
Use of Head-End Unloaders
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