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(A typical 6-day course outline.)

Day One - Distillation
Review of Distillation Fundamentals
Tray Hydraulics
Identifying Flooded Towers
Tray Deck Plugging - Downcomer Back-Up
Damaged Trays
Effects of Excessive Preheat
Control Problems in Distillation
Incipient Flood
Expanding Tower Capacity
Day Two - Distillation
Crude Column Fractionation
Optimizing Pumparounds
Side Stream Stripping Problems
Tower Pressure Drop Surveys
Tower External Temperature Surveys
Coker Fractionator Problems
Tower Bottoms Steam Stripping

Packed Tower Design and Operation

FCU Fractionator Problems

Day Three - Reboiling and Condensing
Thermosyphon Reboilers
How Reboiler Problems Cause Tower Flooding
Kettle and Forced Circulation Reboilers
Fouling in Shell and Tube Exchangers
Effect of Sub-Cooling on Condenser Efficiency
Pressure Control in Light Ends Columns
Air Fin-Fan Coolers
Vacuum Systems-Inter-Stage Condensers
Day Four - Fired Heaters
Proper Use of Excess Air
Heat Balancing Convective and Radiant Sections
Draft Control
Afterburn - Causes and Cures
Air Preheaters
Preventing SO3 Condensation
On-Stream Cleaning Techniques
Coke Formation Inside Tubes
Debottlenecking Heaters
Day Five - Pumps, Turbines, and Steam Jets
Operation of Centrifugal Pumps
Mechanical Seals & Bearings
Optimum Impeller Size
Sizing Motor Drives
Troubleshooting Reduced NPSH
Steam Turbines - Use of Hand Valves
Surface Condensers
Vacuum Pumps
Converging - Diverging Jets
Optimizing Steam Jet Performance
Pumping Viscous Fluids
Day Six - Compressors
Centrifugal Compressor Fundamentals
Relationship of Polytropic Head to Surge
Rotor Fouling
Measuring Compressor Efficiency
Reciprocating Compressor Fundamentals
Volumetric Compression Efficiency
Head-End Unloaders
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