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“Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables” (Scrivener/Wiley)“Troubleshooting Vacuum Systems” (Elsevier)
Norman P. Lieberman
Norman P. Lieberman
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Norman P. Lieberman is a chemical engineer with over 50 years of experience in process design and plant operators supervision. An independent consultant, he troubleshoots oil refinery and chemical plant process problems and prepares revamp designs.

Mr. Lieberman has taught more than 950 technical seminars on process equipment. He has also authored several books:

Troubleshooting Refinery Processes” (PennWell)
Troubleshooting Process Operations(PennWell)
Troubleshooting Natural Gas Processing(PennWell)
Process Design for Reliable Operations (Gulf)

A Working Guide to Process Equipment (McGraw Hill)
"Troubleshooting Process Plant Control"(John Wiley)
"Process Engineering for a Small Planet" (John Wiley)
Process Equipment Malfunctions (McGraw Hill)
“Troubleshooting Vacuum Systems” (Scrivener/Wiley)
“Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables” (Scrivener/Wiley)
“Understanding Process Equipment for Operators and Engineers” (Scrivener/Wiley)
Elizabeth T. Lieberman
Elizabeth T. Lieberman
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Elizabeth T. Lieberman is a chemical engineer with more than two decades of experience in the process industries. Currently working as a consultant troubleshooting oil refinery and chemical plant process problems, she also has experience in ceramic clay processing, refractories processing, and the conveying of non Newtonian fluids (slurry flow).

She holds a Chemical Engineering BSc from the University of Wales (Swansea College), and LRIC in chemistry and is the co-author of the book "A Working Guide to Process Equipment,” published by McGraw-Hill.

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