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(A typical 5-day course outline.)

As a consequence of the current scholastic emphasis on computer technology and other advanced subjects, we find that many newer process engineers are not quick to apply chemical engineering fundamentals in practical refinery situations.

With the objective of bringing technical service engineers, up-to-speed, faster, we have introduced a five day training seminar which will explain how to use chemical engineering principals in support of process operations. Subjects to be covered are:

Day One - Distillation
How Trays Function
Inspecting Tower Internals
What Makes Trays Flood
Damaged Trays
Application of the McCabe-Theil Program
Bubble and Dew Point Calculations & Application
Day Two - Distillation
Calculation of Tray Pressure Drop
Dumping - Effects on Tray Efficiency
Foam Formation - Detection & Cause
Why Trays Weep
Packed Columns Vs. Trayed Towers
Calculating Tower Capacity
Day Three - Heat Transfer
Thermosyphon Reboilers
Heat Transfer Coefficient Calculation
Steam Reboilers
Fired Heaters & Draft
Condensers & Sub Cooling
Radiant & Convective Heat Exchange
Day Four - Hydraulics
Bernoullis Equation - Field Application
Centrifugal Pumps - Theory of Operation
Calculating Required Heads
Surge & Polytropic Head
Centrifugal Compressors - What Causes Surge
Steam Turbines
Vacuum Jets
Day Five - Supporting Refinery Operations
Organizing a Performance Test
Tracking Key Data
Checking Alarms & Trips
Personal Safety
Relating to Shift Operations
Reporting to Management

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